Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tata Motors

125 miles per euro


Look at this TATA. IT RUNS ON AIR!!!!!!!! Every human being who drives on planet Earth should be driving a TATA! E.V.E.R.Y O.N.E.! But it is not available everywhere. Why not? What are we waiting for? More oil profits to accrue? More biosphere to be irreparably damaged? Are we really going to wait until we have no options?

Dear Evil Overlords,

We are clear about the lack of concern you have for anyone but yourselves and your mountains of gold. We hold no illusions that our (the unwashed masses) survival is of any consequence to you- except as it relates to our profit generating activities (keep up those luxury purchases, fellow lemmings!). Having said that, it is my belief that you are missing a crucial fact; you live on the same planet that we do. (Does the name Easter Island mean anything to you?)

In other words, unless you have figured out a way to haul your old, greedy carcasses through the deadly gauntlet of deep space radiation and survive the journey with enough strength left over to build a viable infrastructure on Mars- you are every bit as fucked as we are!

Seriously, am I missing something? Assuming that some of you plundering bastards have even a tiny shard of heart beating in the clammy, bloodless cavity behind your rib cages, can't you at least concede that we need flora, fauna, clean air and water in order to further survive as a species? Is it absolutely necessary for you to shit every day in a solid gold toilet- or is it possible that you could downgrade to porcelain and still be okay? I know that you think you deserve everything (in the world....) you have, but ChristOnACracker- you are killing the party for the rest of us!

Hello People Of Earth, I come from the future! I saw an episode of National Geographic where a severe drought steadily dried up a lush, blue, well stocked lake. In the end it was reduced to a small viscous, grey mud puddle writhing with dying fish gasping for air. It made me think of you. 

Love, Your Future



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