Thursday, January 17, 2013

Barney The Dinosaur Creator's Son Arrested For Attempted Murder


That took SO much longer than I thought it would!

In truth, over the years, every time I've been anywhere in the vicinity of anything 'Barney', I have always thought it would be a short leap to murder. I was equally certain that eventually some darkness attached to the creator of the super creepy 'Barney' would be revealed. I simply could not fathom that the person responsible for unleashing this mulberry menace on the world would actually be evil enough to reproduce (how could the spawn of the twisted mind behind this cartoon dino possibly be anything OTHER than homicidal?).

Poor 27-year-old Patrick Leach -- son of Barney creator Sheryl Leach -- was arrested in Agoura Hills, CA for allegedly shooting a man in the chest on January 9 ... this according to

Although police say they are still trying to determine the motive, I have a sneaking suspicion the answer is about 7 feet tall and purple. 

According to The Acorn, the victim was treated at UCLA and is expected to recover from his wounds. Patrick however will still unfortunately retain his status as son of Sheryl Leach- creator of BARNEY.

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