Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Pardon me love, but haven't we been past this strawberry field twice now?

It's possible, but let's not focus on the part where we may be lost. Let's focus on the part where we're having an adventure

Right you are, right you are! I say, those strawberries do look lovely this year don't they?

Actually, I think those are the Monsanto testing fields...

Oh dear!

No, no! Forget I said that! 

They're beautiful- just like the poppy field leading up to Emerald City in The Wizard Of Oz!

You have a dark side, you do know that, right?

You know darling, you should really spend a bit of time learning that satellite thingy-ma-bob on your phone...

I know how to use it! We were talking over it when it was trying to help us- and besides, I told you before we began this journey that there was a vortex around Oxnard, remember?

So you did, so you did! My, those fields are lovely!

Okay, don't make me turn this car around (again...)!.

 We eventually made it out of the Oxnard Vortex and arrived in Santa Barbara mostly unscathed. Our usual parking spot was waiting for us and we headed to the only fish and chips shop in the North America worth patronizing; 


We sat in our cozy spot by the fireplace, I got ice tea, Christina chose something blue (seriously, we had no idea what it was, but she drank the whole cup and said she enjoyed it...). We evidently also had to have three large stacks of napkins in addition to the stash in the holder because.... well, I don't know why that was part of the experience either, but I deferred to Christina's judgement since I had miraculously navigated us here,

                                                        All Photos;Shandra Beri

The fish and chips are so hot (WARNING; you cannot even touch them when they arrive at your table or you will be burned! Of course, I dove right in...), so light and so TOTALLY crispy that you renew your vow of allegiance to Mac's all over again. 

Christina says not only are they completely and decadently delicious, but these fish and chips are the REAL DEAL and since the girl's from Leicester- I'm taking her at her word!


Leicester City logo

P.P.S we were naughty and ate almost the whole thing!!!

authentic British Fish & Chip shop
503 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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