Monday, January 7, 2013

Golden Hour


INT. Bank Lobby DAY

JOHN and DAVE have run into each other and exchanged greetings. DAVE'S WIFE has just been called to the loan officer line. She calls DAVE'S name several times but, evidently preferring conversation with JOHN, he chooses to ignore her. Upon witnessing this very public domestic 'snub', approx. 1/2 dozen women in the bank make eye contact with each other and exchange barely subdued eye-rolling and disapproving head shaking.

                                   I guess they ARE all the same....

Several of the woman snort and phffft in agreement, though JOHN and DAVE remain oblivious. JOHN and DAVE continue 'shop talk' until it turns to 'family'.

                                   So, how's it going? Everybody good?

                                                                  DAVE (smiling)
                                  Oh, you know how it is- you work your ass off and give
                                  them everything and they still give you grief...

                                   Man, I hear you! The best hour of my day is when I leave
                                   home in the morning and drive 30 minutes to work and when
                                   I leave work to go home and have another 30 minutes in my car.

                                    Golden Hour!

Both men laugh heartily. DAVE'S WIFE has apparently given up any hope of his participation in the meeting with the bank officer.  Upon hearing the last bit of conversation between the men, the women in the bank all set their eyes hard and seem to bury the last vestiges of romantic delusion ever entertained.

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