Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Liz Goes To The Doctor


Liz and I are next door neighbors and close friends. She waits for me every time I open my gate to leave and throws herself madly on the ground to show me her nearly irresistible round little belly. I have told her on several occasions that if ever she needs my help- do not hesitate to call.

That, in short, is how I wound up driving Liz to the doctor today.

According to doctor's orders, Liz will no longer be able to see her clients (any and all who dare walk past her property...) when the weather gets too chilly. In spite of the fact that Liz sees herself as a 90 pound Sheep Dog who can brave ENDLESS hours in the freezing cold while standing watch, she is in fact a 9 pound Maltese and so is a tad more delicate than she would like to admit.

Having said that, spring is just around the corner- so watch out!

(P.S. The vet said she is NOT fat!)

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