Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aroma Coffee And Tea Company

Okay, I am confessing here and now that I will often go out of my way to pick up my lunch from this little jewel. If I am really lucky (or super sneaky...) I can actually sit down like a real live human being and enjoy a mid day meal with a like-minded acquaintance or friend.

Today, I was solo and to-go, but happy nonetheless!

I ordered the Lobster Club.

Now, before I delve further, I must admit that the brioche was (I feel like I'm about to say something bad about one of my best friends...) well, dry. As we all know, brioche should be light and fine with a tender crumb. Sadly, this brioche was crumbly- but not in a good way... more like, 'Hey, I have opposable thumbs and I STILL cannot eat this with my dang hands!'  Perhaps if there had not been THREE slices of it ( I know, it's a club...) on this sandwich I would have looked the other way because sister, that lobster layer was AMAZING! It was sweet, nutty, tender and perfectly (sparingly) veiled in a light ancho aioli.

I tossed the extra brioche to the crows (the consensus from them was something about me and my highfalutin ways being to their advantage...)...and used the lettuce to form a BLT spring roll- which was also full of apple-wood smoked bacon goodness. 

Okay, here is the coleslaw. I know what you're thinking; 'That coleslaw looks oxidized and disgusting!'  I reluctantly agree (in the cat-box talking shit about my friend again...)- EXCEPT IT WAS FREAKING DELICIOUS AS WELL! Peppery, fresh, light and yummy. The taste of the cabbage said, 'I have come directly from the garden to answer your desire for deliciousness. Please do not eat me with your eyes alone!'  SO, I choose to think the oxidized color was an intentional addition of just enough tamarind to give it that 'olde timey' look without adding even a hint of tamarind flavor. (Isn't my friend amazing?!)

Ambiance dahling...
 As I apparently have some unexplained cow fetish that only leaps to the fore when I see this painting, I spend a fair amount of time when I am waiting in que to place my order wishing I was a master criminal so I could figure out how to steal this ungulate art piece in broad daylight and still be able to leave calmly with my food as well. I will also add that I (oddly...) seem to promptly forget about my cow lust until I find myself at Aroma again.  (sorry about the reflection- I had to photograph it this way to keep you from being hypnotized by her bovine charms...)
Aroma also reminds me that I must have Magpie in my DNA because the ONLY time I am not totally bitter about waiting in line is when there are an endless number of charming things to look at.... 

Oranges stacked nicely on a silver tray for my viewing pleasure...

Why, yes, you can have glass of pure, icy water while you're wating!

Patio pre-lunch rush...

This room used to hold a wonderful little eclectic book store. I blame myself for it's demise as I only ever purchased one book from it even though I browsed it greedily every time I patronized Aroma. Still, a part of me thinks it should have remained purely in honor of all the pleasure I derived from it.

I forgot to ask WTF with the bubbles in the fountain?! (next time...)

Did you really think we'd leave without dessert? (Bottom shelf, 3rd from the left...)

Classic white cake (super moist) with a coconut encrusted butter cream frosting. Also peppered in the frosting are just enough white chocolate chips to make you feel surprised and delighted every time you happen to bite into one (my kind of hide and seek...) Redonkulous.

Doggies welcome! (woof)
                                                                 All Photos;ThisTrinket

I'll be back, Lover!

Aroma Coffee And Tea Company
4360 Tujunga ave. Studio City, California 91604 • ph: 818.508.0677
Hours: Mon - Sat 6am to 11pm / Sun 7am to 11pm

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