Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Photo;Shandra Beri

I am pulled out of sleep by a noise unfamiliar to me- a kind of flutter/scratching. I sit up, put on my eyes and stealthily make my way to the source of the sound. Head to....the... bathroom, where I observe the obscured (damn you, frosted glass!) outline of a medium sized bird repeatedly flapping feet first onto the screen outside the top of my bathroom window, sort of/kind of getting a tenuous hold with his little bird feet, letting go and doing it again- TEN TIMES.

By the time I grabbed my phone so I could document the cray-cray behavior I guess I wasn't so stealthy anymore because he stopped.

Dear bird, very random of you... but, hey, thanks for giving me a certain je ne sais quoi with this morning's wake-up call.

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