Monday, May 27, 2013

Fatima Feeds Me Again

Photo;Shandra Beri

I simply have to admit that Fatima is better at being a woman than I am. Oh, she does all the other things that I do; work and generally kicking ass- but then she just goes that one step further and barbecues her chicken with freshly cut banana leaves (from her own back yard...) to impart an extra layer of flavor, simmers a sauce (a sauce that is complex, perfectly compliments the pollo and gives you just the right amount of heat to let you know you're eating The Real Thing) with SEVEN different types of chilies, pairs it with an al dente pasta topped with a rustic Mexican cheese and then calls you on the phone and says, 'Meet me at the fence, I have lunch for you!'

Zomg... THAT is winning while you are losing and being floated away on a surprise culinary cloud when you thought you were just going to be snarfing a peanut butter sandwich and doing your laundry.

Thx, Faty! xoxox

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