Saturday, May 11, 2013

Domestic Violence

Having grown up in a household with domestic violence and being a woman myself, I don't really buy into the whole "woman as victim' model. If the woman stays, she is one half of the sick equation and in my view her culpability is equal. There was not always the social infrastructure in place that there is now for people without resources to seek help, but now there is help everywhere. If there are children in the picture NO ONE has ever had the right to subject these helpless souls to the horrors that are born from an adult man and an adult woman engaged in some kind of twisted, symbiotic abuse cycle. If there is abuse and there are no children, be my guest; stay together, continue the lunacy and kill each other for all I care, but when you cross over the line and use your reproductive organs to bring children into the picture, you automatically lose your right to be abusive or helpless or stupid. You (by your own choice) are obligated to a greater calling; namely PROTECTING THE CHILD.

SO, screaming man and woman 5 houses down breaking every window in your home with the terrified and pleading child crying for help at midnight in the middle of the street, I hope you enjoy your night in jail thanks to me. I pray your child finds better people to care for him.

Dear little child, I am sorry for your life of sadness. I hope when this night is over, some part of you can remember that at least one adult ( the lady in the crazy pajamas and wild hair...) cared enough about you to jump out of her bed in answer to your cries, run down the street dialing 911 and stand in front of your house on her cell phone in her bare feet until the police arrived to help you.

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