Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wolverine's Blouse

                         Photo;Shandra Beri

I want to tell you something about Hugh Jackman; he has magical Movie Star Powers. When you are on set and you see him speaking to other women and you see the women, well...melting- it's rather nauseating and predictable. Oh, you scoff and say catty things about how some people are just so simple minded that they can't be normal around people if they are an actor blah, blah, blah. But then, you are talking to Hugh Jackman yourself and he is looking not at you but into you and he seems sooooo interested in you. It's like he has those olde-timey hypnotist spinning wheels inside of his pupils that are forcing you to abandon your LA cultivated, aloof will- AND he is smiling as if to indicate that you are quite probably the most interesting and amusing person he has ever conversed with. On top of that, he's really tall (and manly...) and he sort of bends down and leans forward at the same time to really engage you (he's probably simply deaf in one ear and has to get closer to hear- but still the effect is...well, you kind of stop breathing and start to physiologically ready yourself for the best make-out session of your life ). By the time you've finished whatever the hell it was that you were talking to him about (seriously, you will not be able to remember one word...), he's striding back to his trailer and you're dying for a post-coital cigarette.

After that, you climb out of the cat box and simply marvel every time he walks by.

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