Thursday, April 11, 2013

Let Me Show You Something Nice...

 Photo;Shandra Beri

Since I'm sure I hurt your feelings with my bleak dissertation on Dockweiler, I thought I would try to help mitigate the sting (not to close your eyes- but to stay balanced) by sharing this moment of glory. I took this pic about 4 weeks ago 200 miles north of San Francisco. There was a light marine layer that you can almost catch resting on the outcroppings to the left, but in person, it blanketed everything as far as I could see and laid upon on the ground and water like a veil of fairy tulle. I could feel the moist coolness of it on my skin and though it was very bright, there was a soft quality to the light that made your eyes open wide to take it all in. The sound of the surf breaking was stirred in with the conversations of sea birds and the gentle wind.

At this point, Pacific Coast Highway reverts back to it's humble beginnings and is little more than a two lane ribbon of cracked and ancient tarmac holding on for dear life to it's original job of being a road. It's not difficult to imagine how easily it would let go and allow nature to take it over again. To me, that is at least is evidence of a softer footprint and thinking of it that way feels somehow comforting,

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