Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Two Hour Massage Today...

Photo;Shandra Beri

...that sounds greedy, right? The truth is I would like MORE. My fantasy massage would begin with a full body scrub and facial. The massage itself would last an entire afternoon and I would have SIX masseurs working simultaneously, each one dedicated to one area; my head/neck/shoulders, each arm/hand, each leg/foot and my back (that person wouldn't have much to do until I turned over as I don't really like my intestines all squished around... maybe that person could brush my teeth while I'm laying on my back). THEN I would like to be placed (as Jello...) into a reclining position and have my hair shampooed and conditioned while I am receiving the most meticulous and beautiful (buff, no polish...) mani/pedi ever.

Of course I would be in no condition to drive (or walk...) after that, so I would have to be carried to a limo, placed gingerly in the back seat and driven home. I would spend the remaining hours of the day floating in and out of a dream state until I drifted off into the deepest sleep of my life.

I feel happy just thinking about it!


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