Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls..

Photo;Shandra Beri

Henry's life is as follows; sleeping, eating, swimming, running, sleeping, kisses, fetching balls (in the ocean or pool or park), running along side my bike, going for long, meandering hikes, eating, sleeping, crying for more of any of the above, going for open window car rides, barking at other dogs for bad fun, getting bathed more than any pit-bull alive since he sleeps in my bed and loves to roll in dirt like all boys (even though he runs into 4 foot waves without hesitation, he always tries to convince me he will melt like sugar in the bathtub), more kisses and fawning admiration. 

In other words, his life is one of deprivation and total suffering. I think it's pretty obvious from his body posture in this photograph that he lives in a state of constant fear.

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