Thursday, April 25, 2013

Men, Dogs And Childen

So, I am at the beach (big surprise...) when I hear a dog yelping in distress. I look to the direction of the sound, but at first I can't see the dog- only a vista-loving dude enjoying his moment on the pinnacle.

Photo; Shandra Beri

Before long (yelping non-stop) I spot the source of the commotion; a frustrated pup who cannot figure out the way up to his best buddy. For a few moments, the man tries to encourage the dog and show him the route, but the pup apparently wants to be air-lifted and decides unless he is carried, he will stay where he is and just cry. The man climbs back up to his vista and continues to drink his fill of the ocean.

Photo; Shandra Beri

Photo; Shandra Beri

Soon enough the pup figures out he's just gonna have to wait until his buddy is done doing whatever fantastic, incredible thing he is doing up there without him, and he just stands there quietly for the next little while until his buddy comes back down.

It made me think about how awesome men are and the critical role they play in balancing the human dynamic.

A few years ago I was in a ginormous Super Mall and I saw a dad (sans wifey) and an obviously newly ambulatory baby walking about 20 yards in front of me. The baby had a fist full of cookie (so did the dad...) and the baby was trailing (with some difficulty...) about 5 steps behind the dad. The baby would take a few steps and then fall face first onto the carpet. The dad would casually stop, keep eating his cookie and wait for the baby to get back up. My 'female' reaction was initially to 'rescue' the baby, but as I watched, I realized that the baby was not even a tiny bit bothered by the tumbles. In fact, that baby just seemed to get better and better at getting back up and moving forward. (duh...)

I laughed at myself in that moment and realized the importance of one of the greatest things daddies bring to the parenting table;

Photo; Shandra Beri

a loving, chill, pick yourself up and try it again kind of style that is a necessary counterpoint to our best female (over protective...) intentions!


(Note to same-gendered parents; sorry, at least one of you has to be the uptight overseer or the kids will go all to hell.... balance, people!)

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