Monday, February 18, 2013

The 4 Cutest People In Long Beach Today


               Photo; Shandra Beri

This is Mimi of the immaculate bubble bangs, impeccable eyebrows, spot-on 'Yes We Can!' bandana, plaid flannel shirt, white clip-on earrings and boyfriend windbreaker. Mimi, with a  little sparkle in her eye that is so sweet it's like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae!

                                    Photo; Shandra Beri

Cute Kieth was here from London and like some smiling benevolent nymph of spring, was found rescuing his older, confused relatives from the dark and perilous electronic labyrinth of a self-serve group parking meter. Way to save the day, darling!

 Photo; Shandra Beri

Teresa and Dave were braving the biting 35 mile an hour winds, separating slices of prosciutto and smoked Gouda with fingers trembling from the cold. As they placed the meat and cheese onto bite-sized pieces of freshly torn baguette, they took turns sipping from a single can of apricot juice. They could not have looked happier. The basket on his bike was real wicker dammit and they were down with making some hella romantic memories that involved bicycles, togetherness and watching the freezing sunset fall upon the rusting hull of the once mighty Queen Mary.

That is cute to the 10th power! 


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