Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bingo Down By The River

                     Photo; Shandra Beri

He says his van needs only needs a jump start and he'll be able to catch up with the others in 3 days if he leaves right now. He said carnival life is great and all but he really lives for children; their smiles, their aroma- no! he corrected. The fragrance of youth and innocence.... no, he said again, maybe that doesn't sound right either. Anyway, fuck it he says, just give him a cigarette and some jumpers and he'll be on his way. I told him I don't have cables or fags- but I'll give him 5 bucks if he'll stop moving around long enough to let me roll my window down 3 inches to fit my lens out and grab a pic. 'Oh. yeah. sure. no problem. How's this?' He said as he posed arms akimbo and eyes open wide enough to take it allll in.

"Perfect!' I said. "Thanks!"

After I got my shot, I folded the 5 and passed it to him through my now almost rolled up window. I could tell he wished he's asked for more, but I was 1/2 mile away before he could even start to form a plan for that.

Gee. I hope Bingo makes it back to his carnival. That is a show I know would unveil the visceral (even if it did not want to...). It  would leave you knowing you had really seen something....

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