Friday, February 22, 2013


Photo;Shandra Beri

One of the best universal traits they possess is that they are just so TOLERANT of us- down for any half-baked antics we come up with. 'Worship me like the cub from Lion King? Cool bra, I still get my sniffy time when we're done with that, right? Let's go!' I have exactly ONE human friend who I can call on a moments notice and not even EXPLAIN why I want to drive to Tijuana and back in one day tomorrow- and she's there. But EVERY dog I have EVER met is all like, ' Hey, that sounds like some cray-cray road trip, need a co-pilot? I don't need to know the details, just throw this ball when we're done, K?'

That is an energy you want in your life, people!

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