Wednesday, February 27, 2013

IKEA Meatballs

Without exception, EVERY time I have EVER eaten IKEA's meatballs, I think to myself, 'Gee, I generally hate meatballs, but these are freaking delicious! Those Swedish people really know how to treat ground beef!'

Meanwhile, IKEA has been secretly working with my best interests to turn me back into a vegetarian. Here is the proof in a statement they released regarding mixing My Friend Flicka into their products:

“All meatballs sold in our IKEA US stores are sourced from a US supplier. When this issue first came to light in Europe, we mapped the sources of the meat in our meatballs. Based on the results of our mapping, we can confirm that the contents of the meatballs follow the IKEA recipe and contain only beef and pork from animals raised in the US and Canada. All beef and pork from the US and Canada must comply with USDA guidelines.”

Umm, er... sounds legit.

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