Friday, March 29, 2013

You Are Perfect...

                 Photo; Shandra Beri

...but you don't know it. Because everything is still new, there are so many bumps and pushes and scrapes that it's easy to get knocked off your pony and take it personal- but don't. The truth is, hardly anyone thinks that much about you at all unless you are directly in their field of vision. There aren't that many actual villains in real life, mostly just awkward (or to the other end of the scale- self absorbed) humans careening around absently knocking into each other with their own baskets full of  'issues'. Thinking about them too much (even after a metaphoric kidney punch...) is about as productive as sitting on the 405 at rush hour; fruitless. Sometimes it's good to hang low for a hot minute if you are too smart or funny or shiny as some people get mean and try to knock you down so they can keep their groove going (what ever that may be....), but again, nothing personal- just part of having to deal with the hominids. The important thing is remembering to shake it off and always go in for the next round.

Having said all of that, nothing really matters except the good stuff- and you will always know when that is happening.

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