Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stella Rocks It Out

             Photo;Shandra Beri
                                            Photo;Shandra Beri

For a big girl, hanging with a little girl between the ages of 7 and 12 is just about incredible. At that moment they are totally out of the 'baby phase' and not yet into the crappy teenage years of hell. They are in this magical window where they are wholly the people they will be, but everything is pure and sweet and fun and brand spanking new. They are ultimate girlfriends and are up for absolutely anything from driving to the bank (standing endlessly in line), camping at the drop of a hat or taking surf lessons together. Mani/pedi on Saturday morning? Fuhget about it- they are THERE. Pretty much what ever you suggest to an 8 year old in the way of an activity sounds great to them. I had so much fun with my nieces when they were in this period of their childhood that really, I would spend most of my work days figuring out groovy activities on the weekends to maximize our hang time and give them a million memories that included me. I was gleefully greedy about being with them and I'm not one bit sorry.

Anyway, perfect, beautiful, rockin' Stella reminded me today of that time in my nieces life and it made me feel all misty and nostalgic just to look at her.
I think I need a new puppy... sniff.

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