Sunday, March 31, 2013

Henry Has A Most Excellent Window Safari Capture

Photo;Shandra Beri

Of course there is never really a bad window safari. I mean out is out. There could be dogs, beach aromas (which of course would mean THE BEACH...) around any corner could be any thing.You just have to stick your head out, let your tongue hang loose, keep your eye sharp and your nose in the air. Don't forget about always facing forward because god knows, you don't want to miss a thing. 

 Photo;Shandra Beri

When your drivers spot something that might be of particular interest to you (they're not always right...), they will slow and often stop- letting you out when appropriate to fully immerse in doggie pleasure.

                                                                      Photo;Shandra Beri

 Of course chasing a doe and her fawn (as exhilarating as that may be from your canid perspective...) is NEVER on the menu. But though the bipeds make the rules, they do not own your thoughts. You will dream tonight (legs galloping in your sleep) of running down that little fawn and dispatching it without mercy while it's mother cries in despair. While in REM, your lips will curl, you will growl, twitch and dream-bark (a softer, cuter version of your ear splitting, body cavity filling day bark) until you have fulfilled all your best animal instincts. You will then settle into a deep sleep under your own down comforter until morning upon which you will rise before I am fully awake, pretend you are no more ( or less!) than my 'widdle' baby and immediately demand your organic, raw, hand-made breakfast be served- which I will happily do, fully aware that you are actually my little doggie Dexter.

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