Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mommy's Girl

Photo; Shandra Beri

I met Anna The Horse almost a decade ago when Terry was boarding her next door to me. She was standing at the fence line with her front legs crossed- which I thought was terribly fancy and adorable. When I went over to tell her so, I saw she had somehow tangled a wire at the bottom of the fence in between her hoof and her shoe and was essentially snared. I tried in vain to pulled it out, but it was impossible. Every time I started to walk away to get help (of course my cell was in the house...) she would get hysterical and try to follow me. I had visions of The Worst Case Scenario and decided to simply sit at her feet (which she was perfectly happy with) and started yelling, "HELP! HELP!" (old school...). One of my neighbors kids heard me and in short order the neighborhood cavalry arrived and all was resolved.

Anyway, when she saw my sun umbrella today she became very suspicious of me because after all she is still a horse and promptly forgot all about my selfless heroism all those years ago- so getting the tip of her nose in the photo was not possible.

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