Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Truth About Chickens

 Photo; Shandra Beri

What no one ever tells you about chickens is how great they are as people. They are either busy looking for tasty insects, sunbathing, talking things over with each other, taking dust baths or (as can be seen in the above photo) wondering what the heck you are up to. All the chickens I have known (I used to have one that learned how to use the doggie door and despite all my best efforts to keep her out, would spend every day while I was at work sitting in front of a full length mirror presumably chatting to herself- and no, the pit-bulls did not help me AT ALL correct this poopy situation ) all have had very distinct personalities and just like featherless bipeds, they range from cranky to cozy- but they all share a natural curiosity. They are incredibly observant and intensely social. The sounds made by content chickens are the same sounds we make when we are puttering around talking to ourselves.

My point is, that they are super cute and sentient (on a chicken level...). So if you can't have a chicken and give them a nice life, must buy eggs (or dinner...), please make your purchase based upon the quality of life that the chicken giving you the food is living, (free range, organic feed etc.) because not only will it be better for you, but in my opinion, it really does matter to these girls!

                                           Photo; Shandra Beri

P.S. This is Racer. Terry said they were trying to figure out if he was Arabian, but I think he looks part donkey!

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