Thursday, March 7, 2013

Froam Tries To Bogart The Juice

              Photo; Shandra Beri

Froam lives in Silverlake and he has dibs on this monster load of juice. Froam has not indicated exactly what he intends to do with all that power, but I guess since he put dibs first, from this point on it really is up to him.

I think I'm going with a solar recharge for my phone/tumor since this much greed gets me all hinky and makes me think Froam doesn't give a shit if any of the rest of us can plug in.

Froam, I have decided not to acquiesce to your dibs and have now named you my nemesis. I am coming back to Silverlake with my paint pen to over-dib your dibs with my dibs.You have been warned. The dibs (and all the juice contained within...) shall be mine!

Love, Shandra

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