Monday, November 10, 2014

Railroad Gandydancers

Columbia, SC (April 18, 1929) -- Courtesy of the USC Newsfilm Library - Railroad Gandydancers construction on the world's largest earthen dam. Sandwiched in between shots of steam shovels and industrial cranes is this crew of African-American railroad gandydancers repairing and moving large sections of railroad track to the intricate raps and rhythms of an expert caller.

So. Much. Beauty.

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  1. They are/it is beautiful. You know- it just occurred to me, trying to figure out how to teach children to see and appreciate this kind of thing- age 10 is too late. But; if you simply made watching this kind of thing, in person, not on tape; part of every child's life from age 4 to 6 - you wouldn't have to teach them anything; they would naturally see and appreciate. And I think about 75% of all the world's problems would just go away. :-/

    1. I do agree that stretching all noggins from day 1 is the best course. The trick is not being attached to how they appear to be (or not to be...) taking it all in. Think of it like a cracked eggshell that still looks fully intact. Those hairline cracks are PERMEABLE, man!