Monday, November 10, 2014

Dear Mr. Adorable,

 Photo;Shandra Beri

 On this day (perhaps every day...), you have dressed solely for your own comfort and pleasure and you look amazing! Well worn western snap front chambray shirt tucked into black, red and white plaid cargo dickies (where did you even find those?!), black dress crew socks worn 'homie style' (you switched it up from the ubiquitous white athletic crew- good job with that twist!), black work boots (at first I thought they were Cat's, but upon closer inspection I do believe they are simply some beloved, functional, well-worn Brogan's that have served you well) and topped it all off with a bright red web belt (that hold up your pants AND your tape measure!), eye glasses on a neoprene tether and (best of all...) a confident, warm smile.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Adorable!

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