Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Back When I Was A Baby... friend Pete and I had a band. We called it, 'In Vitro'. So. Much. Fun.

These are potato quality videos of that moment in time. Pete miraculously fished them out of the archives, transferred them from analogue to digital and sent them along (thank you, beloved friend!).

As ever, the tumescent, unbroken, incontestable armor of flaming youth made us blind to fear. We created accidental perfection from our incomplete understanding of the world and found ourselves soaring on a thermal of undiluted will when we attempted to fly.

Here's to running head-first toward whatever moves you. Cheers...


  1. Thank you for sharing those. Very clearly a LOT of musical talent there, from the whole team. Who wrote the scores for the backups? Were you the poet?

    And jeez- you got picked up by a record company! Very very cool.

    I like them.

  2. Generally, the melodies and lyrics came from my end and the instrumental magic from Pete. Having said that, there really was no black and white about how we wrote- sometimes Pete would come to the table with a jumping off point, sometimes me. Most of the time we would just sit in a room and play with a tape rolling and see if anything hooked us. It was kind of like walking in the woods and sneaking up on beauty. It was always thrilling when we knew we had stumbled onto something. We would both get this wide grin on our faces and try not to spook the deer in the clearing before we could get close enough to touch it. I think enough time has passed that we can both say with certainty that our collaboration held something unique. Anyway, even after all this time we are like family to each other in that we always pick up right where we left off no matter how long it's been since we chatted! He was (and still is!) an incredibly talented musician and of course my deeply treasured friend!

    Thanks for the kind words!