Sunday, November 23, 2014

Keita Morimoto


Girl with Pink Hair, 2014, oil on panel, 24 x 18 inches

Girl with Red Hood, 2014, oil on panel, 7 x 5 inches

Lime, 2012, oil on panel, 11 x 9 inches

Study of Green Yellow, 2012, oil on panel, 20 x 16 inches

Maze I, 2010, oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

 Maze III, 2011, oil on canvas, 18 x 14 inches

Maze IV, 2011, oil on canvas, 72 x 36 inches



  1. Does he do smiles? :-)
    Arresting images, yes; and truthful.

  2. Whew. After I posted that, I panicked. Well; slightly.
    I realized I had assumed a male gender, and once I thought about it, could not justify it. "OMG", I thought. "What if the artist is female!? I'd have so much explaining to do!"
    Took me 4 googles, but imagine my relief when I finally found an image, and he's male.
    What a narrow escape. :-)

  3. So very interesting. Before I dug into his site, I was certain that the artist was female as the perspective was so feminine to my eye; beauty without subterfuge.

    I was sure the portrait of the little round Asian guy holding the cat was her brother! :D