Sunday, November 23, 2014

King Of The World

'MAN' by Steve Cutts 2012


  1. Emotionally satisfying, yes; though there is a great deal of questionable science and philosophy here. :-)
    Are we becoming more vengeful these days? Recently I was watching an "American Girl Holiday" movie with Smidgen, who is an American Girl Doll enthusiast (she earns them via Girl Scouts). Mia Farrow played the grandmother. At the end, the Orphans are happily congregating on the steps of the Orphanage, a few of them now leaving with new adoptive parents, all in warm, glowing holiday Happy. I found it a little unsatisfying, and in imagining what would make it better, it occurred to me I would really love to see the vanquished Evil Orphanage Matron - face down flat on the pavement, in front of the steps; evidently having been flattened into two dimensions by a steam roller- being completely ignored by the happy orphan crowd, and walked on by them, as a piece of the sidewalk.
    And I found myself wondering "why don't I see that as sick?"
    I should. And I don't. :-)

  2. It's becoming clearer why you like my blog...

  3. and who knows, maybe I'll come to appreciate zombies, some fine day.

  4. Can you PLEASE just Neflix 'Shaun of the Dead' and get it over with already!



    1. As soon as you can prove to me that you have actually watched "The Twelve Chairs." :-P