Thursday, December 18, 2014

Peaceful Belly Does It Right


  1. argh. :-) I do appreciate the art involved, and the happy people. I know these folks (generically). Alas, I do see these things through the snow-glasses of science, no matter what. Particularly since I have put myself in the position of actively pushing the concept that any "sustainability" MUST be science (evidence) based. It's an uphill battle, since I've met very highly ranked college grads who were taught, seriously, that "reality" is unknowable. And, right there, in the video- they're crazy proud of their organic veggies - being grown under a petroleum derived, impermanent, plastic house; supported by aluminum poles with huge embodied energy costs, in petroleum plastic pots, with petroleum plastic tags... and they don't SEE the totality. All systems there based 100% on science- because people get pissed if the stuff doesn't work. Endless talk with little traction; and it's like arguing with Chinese fundamentalist Christians. Good people, though! :-/ And the biggest cause of the problem is fuzzy brainer folk who thought- without asking- that science is supposed to produce "wisdom". An immense inaccuracy- now pushed by most recent science PhDs; who aren't being taught science theory; only their tiny niche. Science has nothing to do with wisdom- never did. It produces no decisions, and (as I'm sure you know) does not even say "this is true". It can only say "these 5 things are proven not true- and the only remaining alternative we can think of that the #6 - is possibly true." sigh.

    1. Oh, yeah; and all the plastic use is based on economic assumptions from - the bank. Which; um, is not here to help you; it's here to make money - off you.

    2. That is truth (sob). I am simply encouraged that there are young moving in this direction on any level.