Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Oh My God... I'm In The Mood This Year!

Crosby and Sinatra1957


  1. You'll be fascinated to know- we did our "one day in town" family shopping yesterday; and I heard "Santa Baby"; NOT by Eartha; 3 times. Ok, but so not Eartha. King Cole? Zip. Bing? 2-3, all different. They fluctuate; and yeah, I keep track 3 years ago; 1 Eartha, 8 Bings, and The Christmas Song by 4 different artists. Has to mean something about the economic cycle, I'm sure. :-) Sinatra doesn't pop out for me; he's ok; but. no Bing.

  2. I don't 'feel' Sinatra and Bing like I do Eartha (and so many others...), but I treasure that whole popular iconic aspect of them for the same reason I like to look at Christmas trees; comforting, ya know?

    1. :-) I do know, I think. I have to confess, though I still perceive the comfort, that I've come to believe the comfort derived from belief in what was even then illusion.

  3. hm. Ok, my comment there is a little grinchy. Just- a few bits of my childhood were spent growing up in Bradbury's Greentown; and with June and Ward Cleaver- and we all know now they doing some serious glossing over. :-) On the NON grinchy side- the tree- does represent something comforting- it's thousands of years old, and most of that time has represented a fairly innocent striving for "better". That's really encouraging.

  4. Yes, every once in awhile I am fortunate enough to forget what I know and where we are and bask for a few brief moments in a lovely nostalgia.

    Doesn't happen often