Monday, June 10, 2013

The Girls Get Thirsty

Photo;Shandra Beri

Photo; Shandra Beri

I love the bee girls so much and I cannot believe I only learned a couple of years ago that they need to drink water! Even with rocks in the bird bath, they sometimes fall in. If you can scoop them out before too long, even a seemingly lifeless bee girl will come back from 'The Light' if you cup her in your hand and breathe softly on her for a few minutes.

Bee to mouth resuscitation- that's right, I do it! My neighbors probably think I like to walk around my yard smelling my own breath while I garden, but I'm at that point in life where I rather enjoy my growing list of eccentricities and have told loved ones not to intervene until I start wearing my underpants on the outside of my clothing.

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