Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tater Ware

Photo;Shandra Beri

C'mon friends and fellow earth dwellers, we have the technology! We have potatoes! We have about six minutes left until it all goes to hell in a hand-basket! Let's start committing to daily change! Read the box!! Amazing! It's sturdier and more 'plastic-y' than any plastic 'to-go' box I've ever held in my hand. Also, they make Tater Ware spoons, forks and knives that do not piss you off with their flimsy and ineffective utility. The utensils are strong and do not fling your food in unexpected directions or fail miserably while performing intended tasks (like cutting a piece of eggplant...). Incredible! Demand it! When you are finished with your penne pasta, toss the empty container into your compost pile and ameliorate your guilt about being too lazy to even boil pasta water for yourself.

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