Friday, January 3, 2014


Photo; Shandra Beri

Okay, THIS. One of my favorite parts about L.A. (the only part I never tire of...) is the wild flower field of human expression that proliferates here. L.A. is just so big (and yes, yes oddly small) that persons can simply be who or whatever they really are. Is this dog her husband? Her companion? Her personal mascot? All of the above? Yes/ doesn't matter! Animal lover? Well, to a degree, since she was wearing real fur, eating fancy carnitas and made the dog sit in a (Hermes, darling...) bag until I asked her to point him at my camera. Anyway, her nails, that ring, his collar (based upon her famous table companions, it is within the realm of possibility the jewels are NOT cubic zirconium....), I HAVE QUESTIONS! Is she a medium? A matchmaker? The wife of a wealthy Asian industrialist? WE WILL NEVER KNOW and dammit, I like it that way!


  1. :-) yah, I enjoy these folks too. But, I can't help thinking "zombie snack!" when I see them-

    1. You don't even like zombies!


    2. No, but I RESPECT them. :-) In the morning.

    3. So disingenuous of you, Greenpa. You ONLY support the idea of zombies when it conveniently coincides with your desire to maim and/or destroy those you deem worthy of such a fate!

      Phffft! :)