Thursday, September 12, 2013

Murmuration by Sophie Windsor Clive & Liberty Smith

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  1. Starlings?? I'd love to know if they really were. Yeah; those kinds of flocks are absolutely stunning. Give "african river swallows" a look on YouTube (I think.)

    I actually had an amazing bird experience a few days ago- out harvesting, my son was making odd noises- when I eventually looked at him, he was pointing straight up, emphatically- and directly overhead, there was a huge flight of - cranes. I think about 2,000 feet up; but unmistakeable. Riding a wind south, fast- and barely flapping their wings at all.

    That's a change here; I'd never seen more than 3 cranes at a time over us before; there were at least 100 in this flock. Too high to hear, which was too bad- the sandhill crane "fluting" is a wonderful wild sound.