Thursday, September 26, 2013

Elizabeth Taylor – Giant (1956 film)

Original Photograph by Frank Worth Photo | Prints available
Colorized by malakon on Reddit


  1. Deanna Durbin.

    As you are obviously aware, Hollywood in particular chews people up, and spits them out. Taylor was a "survivor" - Durbin got out. Both were damaged.

    I saw "Chinatown" with a close friend, an older scientist who is my mentor; and made the comment "Well; Polanski went through utter hell, losing his wife that way- but look- he survived." My friend's comeback "My god, do you call that surviving??" To which I had, and have, no answer.

    All of this is part of why I'm here- you're from a different world than the one I live in; and you're obviously a seeker; a thinker. And smart. I do appreciate your insights.

    1. Dear Greenpa, the appreciation is mutual! In regard to the differences in the daily details of our worlds, I truly feel it matters very little. Our shared human journey is what binds us all. We are wide-eyed, clueless infants throughout the years we are here, it's a nice trick that we can sometimes enjoy the feeling that we are actually driving the bus. The best we have are the moments we stand truly in the moment and if we are lucky, share with each other.

      Peace and love.

  2. oh, and - I read Liz's face and eyes here as - completely educated- and feral. Am I close?

  3. Replies
    1. Ah, yes, but Hollywood eats goddesses too, is my impression. My favorite Ingrid Bergman quote: "Happiness is good health, and a bad memory." Which, evidently, she borrowed from Albert Schweitzer...

      It's all of interest to me because I'm fascinated by human behavior and the interplay with biology. "Beauty" is communication- but the promise of "fame" associated with beauty seems to be 100% associated with personal disasters; caused by the beauty. Yet it continues to suck young women in. A puzzlement- and not; biology being reason-free, often enough.

      And you've been on the inside of that puzzle...

    2. "Happiness is good health, and a bad memory."

      Welcome to Hollywood, you have discovered the key to everything!