Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hermes Meets Vans And Has Gorgeous Babies

Okay, so here's my plan; I'm going to set up a snare in front of my house tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. and capture that gang of skinny skate boarders thundering by like clockwork. I will quickly and artfully jam these onto their feet before I release them back into the wild unharmed. They will instantly morph into a post 60's, pre-apocalyptic, highly fashionable version of the Jets (that white gang from West Side Story...) and from that moment forward they will be helpless as they frequently screech to a dead stop, kick up their boards, bounce down to the tarmac and break into spontaneous (yet perfectly choreographed!)  interludes of dance and song. At least once a day this will happen in front of my house. 

Of course they will never be able to remove the shoes as they are quite obviously magic.

It's like the proof that Brad and Angelina have had sexy time and you are wearing them on your freaking feet!

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