Sunday, December 30, 2012

Can We Please Agree Now That Some Of Us ARE Born This Way?

Rare Maned Lionesses Explained

Photograph courtesy Deon De Villiers

Her name is Pat, she plays softball and she is going to kick your ass.

In the Mombo area of Botswana's Okavango Delta maned lionesses have been regularly sighted. The other ladies in the pride treat these butch babes just like one of the girls, but outsiders (hyenas, annoying jocks at the bar...) can't really tell the difference, so it's like having a dude around without ever having to fight him for the remote.

Experts say there are a host of possible explanations for the masculinized females- everything from embryo disruption to the aberrant genetic contribution of the sperm (which determines the sex of the fetus in most mammals) to 'Hey, now that you mention it cousin Pat DOES look a lot like big aunt Jo...'.
Anyway, bottom line; Baby, They Were Born This Way!!!!

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