Saturday, August 9, 2014

When Italians Make You Pizza... will be Friday night 
Photo;Shandra Beri
and you will be shooting on location in downtown L.A.

Photo;Shandra Beri
 and you will be feeling very sorry for yourself  because your Friday is now closing in on becoming Fraturday and you are woozy from your 13th hour of inhaling a poisonous mixture of diesel fumes and bum urine and you will receive a photo and text that says, 'We made one for you, come over!'. Sadly you will answer, 'Sorry, can't. Shooting till after midnight.'

 Then you will receive another text that says, 'Don't worry, we're hanging out by the pool and we'll be awake when you get home. Come over! And then they will text you another picture...

 Photo;Shandra Beri

...which you share with your fellow crew members who all respond with, 'mmmmm's' and 'yum's!'

And you will drive home at o'dark thirty exhausted, park your car, walk next door and feel human again as you draw closer to the bell-like sound of relaxed, tipsy laughter.

Thank you.

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