Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Phone Made A GIF Without My Permission (or help..)


If this is going on, why am I still making my own coffee?


  1. Ah. I fantasize about writing science fiction stories; plot them out. Actually started one; about 30 years ago. :-) I've recently started plotting a new one. Short story; the story of a man's day. He has a critically important appointment on Saturday morning, and last Monday, acquired a new house computer. Alas for him; the one knows it's Saturday- so it doesn't make coffee, or open the curtains- it lets him sleep in. The day goes on like that- with every smart machine "anticipating" his needs- incorrectly. The day does not end well; i.e., he dies. :-) I'm convinced this is our actual future. About 1/4 of my energy now goes to fixing incorrect anticipations.

    1. This is great. I was just listening to one of the pioneers in robot/human interaction (sorry I was driving and couldn't write down her name) on NPR yesterday speak about what a profoundly heartbreaking moment it was for her to see a little prototype empathetic robotic 'seal' interact with seniors. She said the ease in which the seniors let go emotionally when the robot responded with the appropriate verbal cues made it clear to her just how readily human beings could let go of one another and interact exclusively with computerized algorithms (have you seen 'Her' yet?).

      Also, more to the point of your plot-line, there are still people who drive off of piers into the actual ocean (or brick wall or abyss...) because in spite of what is before their eyes, the GPS has insisted there is a road there.


      (P.S. WRITE!)

    2. I appreciate the encouragement. :-) One of the reasons I started my blog was to try to crack a long case of writer's block. I've got an insane amount of technical, professional stuff I desperately need to get out. So, hey, writing something everyday should help, yes? Nah. I am working on a book right now. I've been paid something for it already. Don't tell my editor, but... the deadline isn't looking good...

    3. What do they say? Deadlines NEVER look good, but they always make an incredible sound as they go WHOOSHING by!!!!!!


    4. I'll try that out on my editor. :-) Oh; "Her". Nope. :-) I fear I'm one of those who is actually entirely content to wait for the DVD. There is no shortage of things to see, that are worth seeing! Saw this first on Youtube; then got the DVD set for Christmas; watched it last night: